Keeps swerving

so i was flying from engm to phnl and as i started cruising my speed kept on going down and starts going left and right does anyone know the problem.
Speed: 0.84
Altitude: 38000
load: 1000kg above MLW


If you’re too high and too heavy it will do that. The air isn’t as dense up there so you’re basically stalling.

the first flight i was 33000 and it did the same thing

Yeah I think it can start having that effect after like 28000’. But don’t quote me on that.

every time i try flying long hauls something bad happens

Read up on this. It should help with that stall issue you’re having specifically.


I honestly think that going straight to 38000 isn’t a great idea, especially for ENGM - PHNL. It’s too high, despite your weight.


i’ll check it out

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Just takes some practice. You’ll get to the point where long haul are no thing. Just set the plane and go. We’ve all messed them up at some point or another.

The air is a lot thinner that high and add your weight why it sways back and forth

What aircraft are you flying?

Do you remember what your relative air speed was?
This is the only parameter that will tell if your weight/ altitude ratio are balanced by sufficient lift.

MSpeed won’t tell you anything. Neither really will the altitude. What matters is the KIAS as it is what generates the lift for your wings to carry your weight.

i was flying the a350

it was 310

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