Keeps resetting my level

Hey guys, So i’m having a problem with infinite flight and it seems as if they keep resetting my level from level 3 back to level 2. The reason why it’s an issue is because it says I haven’t meant the required landings in 90 days but I last played 3 weeks and it was on the expert server (Level 3).

I don’t know what the problem is it’s getting really annoying at this point because the math isn’t mathing. Can someone give me a explanation or help please? thank you

Basically your landings you made more than 90 days ago expire, meaning that you need to start flying at a higher rate. If you keep getting back down to G2 means that you’re around the requirement limit.

Trust me, the math is mathing and you simply didn’t make enough landings in the last 90 days.

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well if thats case ima be in G2 for a while lmao, ty though

No you just need to make several landings, check how many you need and make a bit more than what’s needed.

no i know im just busy lol

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That’s understandable.

However keep in mind that the restriction is here for a reason, if you don’t meet the requirements it means that you might not have the appropriate ‘piloting level’ to fly on the expert server.