Keeps disconnecting and reconnecting?

IOS 17.4.1

I keeps having an issue where I will disconnect while online then reconnect and few seconds later. Then after 30 or so seconds it will happen again. Not an issue while in flight but when talking to ATC it can be a pain. And no it’s not my internet, I can stream 4k videos without an issue on my internet, with an average around 200mbps. Any tips on what to do?

Well, since the servers are up and running, it probably is a connection issue.
Have you checked the network connection by running a speedtest tool like
Is the network you are connected to using a VPN by any chance?
Have you tried another (Wi-Fi) network?

try to restart the device and go for if not solve then check the internet speed that will be a cause

Your internet may be good, but it is probably unstable and has “gaps” which will disconnect you, despite your high internet speed

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