Keeps crashing

Infinite flight keeps crashing 2-5 minutes after loading in flight. Very annoying

Please provide some more information…

What device are you using?
What graphics settings are you using?
How much storage is left on your device?
Are you using any third-party apps?

Please answer all questions…

iPad mini 4
High settings
IF Assistant

Hello, your device is not compatible with these type of graphics. Here is a little more info.


Ok - I already have the reasoning:

The iPad Mini 4 is hardware-wise a 6-year-old device so it will definitely not be able to handle High Settings, I would run it on Low, maybe Medium settings.

You haven’t linked a topic…

Yea sorry!

@James_Digby What JetWig has shown above are probably the absolute maximum settings you can likely reliably run Infinite Flight on.

See how that goes and if it’s still unreliable - reduce to Low settings.

I would also stop using IF Assistant for the time being and see if that helps.

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Could you put a link to the topic !? I would like to know the one indicated for my device!

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Here you go:

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Thanks You! :)

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from what I saw of mine! I can all high but with 30Fps! :0

@James_Digby I’d also like to point out that the Mini 4 only has 2GB of RAM which the developers seem to be the minimum required to reliably run Infinite Flight.

I would avoid running any apps in the background while using Infinite Flight - including IF Assistant.

Nice! That’s definitely good enough - you don’t need to have it on 60fps - 30fps is still playable.

Yes Yes! but I plan to switch from iPad to the 9th generation, since it has the A13 BIONIC chip and 3GB of RAM … will it be possible to have it at 60FPS there?

It wouldn’t hurt to try.

but the new iPad 9 does not appear on the list yet and I do not know if it can be at 60FPS

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