Keeps crashing after Update

I have installed the new update and when I am flying my phone just keeps crashing. It never did this until I updated the app. Device: IPhone 6 IOS12


Have you tried to reinstall the app?

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Do you have the latest iOS and is limit frame rate turned on?


What are your graphic settings? They might be too high so maybe try turning them down a little. Same thing was happening for me and I turned my graphic settings down and it worked fine @MemePigeon21

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Happened to me, I didn’t really do anything. Because the 737 got a update everyone uses it which is causing games to crash

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Same situation here so annoying :(


i am using iphone7 and it work perfectly same ios version

Did you clear the infinite flight cache?

4 times and still crashing

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It crashes with the 737 and the A10

Always do have it on

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