Keeps asking me to update

Um Hello, I really have a problem bothering me. Its been two times that it happens. While im in Midflight probably what, 5 or 6 hours when i leave it to Autopilot, it asked me to update midflight, obviously because i do long haul flights, i really usually just leave the phone there, making me unaware of it. But i had some successfully flights that took like 12 hours but somehow this pass 2 flights its been stopping me midflight. ive checked App Store and it said it is in the latest version. My question is how can we find out what version are we? Because im really frustrated tbh.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean, are you receiving something telling you to update Infinite Flight? Or is it something else?

I think he means those pop up “notifications” that tell you to update the IOS/OS, much like battery warning notification. These “notifications” tend to stop the flight.


Is your OS (operating system so Android or IOS) asking you to update?

Generally, i would agree with both of you. But this got me thinking otherwise.


Yes, same. I guess we just got to wait till he answers with more details.


From my point of view, it looks like the IF app is telling him to update the sim mid flight. Causing him to have to reboot and check the App Store.

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This has happened to me three time since last night, always using IF.

My device is iPhone XS and I got a pop up message that said:There is a new version available. And then I can choose between Update Now or Remind me later.

I pressed once Update Now but it had no response so not sure what it is

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New version of what? IF or the OS?

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Must be the game. Checked iOS and its been updated to the latest version a week ago

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This is 100% not the app. It’s iOS. Why it does that is another question.


mid flight a pop up saying to update the game.

iOs apple system

Can you grab a screenshot next time it happens?

This isn’t the game telling you that it needs to be updated, but iOS. Can you please try to do a software update (located in Settings -> General -> Software Update). This will stop the message from popping up in the future.


Like i dont get it, 19.4.1 was ages ago. But why asking and bothering me with the update now?

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Ah Okay then Let me try👍🏻

It’s not saying 19.4.1, it’s saying 13.4.1.
This is an iOS message. Ours are dark + orange, always :)


Ah Okay Noted. Thank You