Keeping Up With FedEx. Episode 2

Welcome back to the Keeping Up Series, in today’s episode we look at FedEx, and Baltimore, Sit back relax, and most importantly try not to be offended because you like FedEx, I don’t care lol

Today’s Episode was requested by @SWA1997

Welcome to Memphis, Tennessee the city that Noone cares about, Like who wakes up and says “Yes. I want to visit Memphis” only reason Memphis is on the map is because Yo Gotti is from Memphis.

V1, Rotate as always and we got a DC-10 still flying surprisingly its Cargo Bay door hasn’t blown open. Yet…

I stand corrected, if you look you can see the left hand side Cargo Bay door just fall off, Congratulations McDonnell Douglas, One of the worst passenger aircraft you created, Only to be outsold by Boeing lol.

As you can see even the Sun is scared of Baltimore. But we…we must push.

A nice picture to halt the depressing nature of, Baltimore who goes to Baltimore, Baltimore is the Day-Z of the real world.

The pilots could care lesless that Andrew AFB is right to there left side, Hey if they have the bravery to fly to Baltimore, they could care less about Andrew’s AFB.

On Final, Gear down fun fact, when approaching Baltimore its procedure to put on a full Kevlar Body Suit, to protect against, .50 Caliber rounds heading into your aircraft.

Finally on the ground, had to crop out the landing because as we all know, “If you land at Baltimore, You better make it quick”

Finally parked at a random stand, Sadly we were not surrounded by a cult of Southwest 737’s but the pilots could not take the Body Suits off and beg that the airport has AirStairs.

Anyway, that’s it lads hope you enjoyed, and cya next time 😉.



Wow you really have a grudge against Memphis. Nice pictures though :)


That looks nice bro


I don’t but I had to make jokes


Okay cool my dude


I love it and it’s so true


U forgot the joke of their never on time hahaha


Oof yep but anyway


i like the one with the sun set


Was this suppose to be funny? Never been to Memphis but right now a lot of people are focusing on this city as FedEx is bringing in the first round of vaccines to be distributed across the states for Covid-19


This is my new favorite IFC ser- I mean TV show.

Gave me a good laugh, lol.

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Homie…Its a joke a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.


I must thank you for that morning laugh! Ahyy it was a good story line 😄 thx for sharing

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PLEASE post more, I love these 😂


Hahahaha this is so good. I love every bit of your series.


On the way Crystal Airways 777

Wait till tomorrow 9am EST

Yess that’s gonna be a good onee

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Beautiful picture with that DC-10 in the back

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Alright, time to rate the jokes

Except for the people in Memphis 5/10

That one guy who works for FedEx, 7/10

He included yet on the end, 8/10

That is kinda unfortunate, 7/10

The Sun is hot, I don’t like warm things, 3/10

Went through it on a connection for some reason, 5/10

True 8/10

Dang, I hate when someone uses a Machine Gun on my aircraft, 9/10

Gotta use the bathroom, dang, 7/10

Sorta surprising, 9/10

Congrats, you did better than the United one!

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