Keeping Up With AA, 757

Welcome back, in today’s episode well check out American Airlines, and the fancy new 757. Awesome flight and just straight up nothing new. Enjoy.

Ah a splendid morning here at Dallas, And this new 757, I got it off of early, can you belive it only 3 BUCKS⁉️

Finally as you can see, after a 5 Hour delay we finally takeoff, If you ever feel useless remember there is a guy that does Scheduling for American Airlines.😃

Just a normal Vertical Speed of about 10,000 FPM, God I love my Falcone Heavy Boosters.🥰

Sadly we found a British person on board the aircraft after he said “Can I have the crackers” and not "Can I have the freedom crunches"🇺🇸🇺🇸

The pilot is about 70, and the only approaches he knows is flying into Ki Tak, so…this is what you get.

Welcome back to Dallas, don’t worry the aircraft is aware of the current landing situation.

Whoops, Windsheer and uuuuuohhhh, we we in a Tail Slide, well don’t worry MY FALCON HEAVY BOOSTERS WITH 5 MILLION POUNDS OF THRUST WILL GET US OUT OF THIS😀

Anyway cya Amigos and I though this would be funnier because I got a super early 757 unlike you peasants, Cya muchacho 😈 🔴🔴⚪⚪


@KTJ_Mitchell you better speak on my humor🥶

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Welcome to home of one of the best bootleg stuff like this 757 :DDD

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Ur jusT mAd cuz i gOt 757 lol haha🟥😤🤩💯🥰🤩✨🤚🤚🧢🇺🇸😳🥲

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Well, you asked for it:

Never used them 5/10

Nope, not at all! 7/10

Perfect 10/10

This is a good one as well, 9/10

Me too, 7/10

How very American, 6/10

I can hear the Bank Angle sound going off in my head, 3/10

This is a 757, not an A320 or something…2/10

So this is what they build in Area 51, 9/10

Real quick what airline is LYVA?

The 757 is truly the best plane!

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El Al is the airline

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