Keeping Purchases while Offline

It is probably a pain in the butt for you when you can’t use your Live+ planes or your purchased planes and regions because you are offline. I think I have a solution to this problem. All the $$$ planes and regions are add-ons, like downloads to the original game which only has the free stuff, right? So my idea is that if you have downloaded a plane or region with Live+ or not, the app will detect the add on of data to the game, and it will internally realise “oh, he/she has got this (x), so he/she can now play on it offline!” This will save the pain of not being able to fly your favourite plane while offline.

I have searched and found no topics like this. If I have made a mistake and there is a topic like this (e.g Air Australia A320 🤦‍♂️) flag this and send me a private message.

Comment below on what you think!

This ok idea You also need to vote for your own or knowone is going to vote
And I don’t think good ol @MishaCamp will keep it

Why won’t he keep it? It is no different from any other request!


I thought you could play any plane offline I believe it is because I’ve done it many times

I really don’tabout the live+ but for sure , i personally sub the months and I have bought all the region except 1 and all the airplanes excepté some . I’m tgelling you that I can use all of this while I’m offline .( solo mod) , It’s amazing . And as global coming soon . They said that it will be some part of the world (will be downloadable in the future.

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I think you already can do this, but only for a week after you log in most recently. For example, if you log in on Monday 1st Jan, you could use all your planes offline until Monday 7th Jan. However, I’m not totally sure. All that I am sure about is that you definitely can use your planes offline soon after logging in.

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In that case I would recommend you to have a connection to play or purchase , and I hope that the DV will take a look in this case regarding the live+ offline without internet connection.


This could work. But when you first downloaded the app and fly on live, any aircraft you didn’t download will be downloaded so that they appear on live.

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Oddly enough, I can use the live+ planes that came with it when I’m offline.


I never have problems loosing my purchases when offline.

What u can do is :

Open up the game , put your wifi off , then press solo

Then you should get all your planes and regions from live



This is due to an issue with some people. Not sure whether it related to their internet or not but I never lose my purchases when offline.


If you have problems with issues such as this, please refer to #support for further assistance.