Keeping IF feeling fresh

Curious… after so many dozens of flights with IF, even in global, I have to admit, it is definitely starting to feel drab and old. The beautiful blue skies were amazing initially, but now they’re a bit unexciting, especially when you’re flying over a storm… Simbrief, checklists, doing the W+B, no night lighting, the soundset provided, almost every third party app related to the Sim, even doing paperwork logs for every flight I do… I know almost all of these feature requests… I’m not asking for that. But in lieu of all this, how do you guys keep the sim fresh, fun, and challenging?


VOs and VAs are a great way to freshen IF. There’s nothing better than large group flights or aerial refuelling over the Desert :)


I always learn still after 6 years! Now ill do touch and gos in the Q400 I dont fly it a lot! Thats How I do it or just special aproaches.

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if you fly the same region it might seem boring to you. sonce global there are thousands of challeing and fun airport to fly to. it can keep it fresh for long. :)


Spawn in at EHAM on Expert for a fresh feelin’… xD

Waiting to takeoff might be another feeling that comes with the freshness


This has happened to me before but I know just the thing to make it interesting. MIX THINGS UP! Do random flights to challenging airports or create flights that don’t exist or recreate retro flights! Explore a new area or your own country! Go back to basics and fly a C172 or get used to flying a new plane!


Take yourself out to the casual server and spend a few weeks mastering how to fly the Spit. Alternatively, become IFATC. Those are the two small little things that I would recommend to start with (:


I like planning my flights in advance, and try to fly to the IFATC Region each day… Where to? How long? Which Aircraft? Will this fit into my schedule? You can always find some cool and underloved routes!

It’s also great fun to use flight trackers (and LiveFlight, to keep Cameron happy) and attempt to mirror real-life flights. It’s amazing seeing your progress flying along with the real life version of your flight - it’s also surprisingly easy, you can thank Infinite Flight’s impressive detail for that!


Do your own career start off in the smaller planes and work your way up to the bigger jets, fly without the autopilot, join a VA


Try different third party apps, they really refresh things ;)

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What other third party apps have I missed? Anything free or cheap? Foreflight just isn’t worth the money for a simmer. If I was a real licensed pilot (which I am not… yet), I would gladly pay the price.

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You could try my In-Flight Instruments and turn off the HUD. Adds quite a challenge.

Or use it to fly VOR-to-VOR through Alaska or something.


I’ve gotten used to IF-I now, definitely more realistic and challenging than the HUD! Will try to get some VOR nav for IFGAC flights next!


For an amazing airline experience, I recommend Infinite Passenger. It’s paid but worth it. Get the pax of your favourite Livery or simply your Virtual Airline.

I ve been doing different tours lately, its so much more fun. You can explore different countries, sceneries, airports and liveries. I did Eastern Europe and now doing around the world currently on my way to ZBAA from VHHH :)

I think joining a VA certainly adds to the IF experience. It gives you a reason to complete routes.
You also get to take part in many cool group flights and events, as well as socialize with an IF-loving community.

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