Keeping centerline in cockpit

Hey IFC, how do you know where the nose wheel is in relation from the cockpit. I can’t see anything. Any tips?😀

I think it stays in the center of your windshield.

On which aircraft? I’m assuming your talking about the A350.

My next flight is the A319

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Just be ontop of the centerline int the cockpit bit scoot to the left just a little bit.


Yeah, you sorta just have to estimate. After a while you get used to it

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What I do is while I’m taxiing, I align my nose wheel perfectly on the centerline. Then, I go to the cockpit and see what in the cockpit aligns with the centerline.

For example, on the 737, right in between the red and yellow warnings will be your point of view.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me :)

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much!

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A trick taught to me by my flight instructor is always try to ‘sit on the line’. He says both GA and airliner pilots aim for it, but of course can’t verify the latter. The reason however is so that you don’t damage the taxiway centerline lights with your nose gear.

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With the HUD on, I align the triangle thingy whatever it’s called with the centerline and realign when it goes put.

On the A350 keep the centerline between these two knobs:




Why dont you just line up on centerline with an outside view and then just go in the cockpit and find where it lines up. Not that complitcated

Not really an option while landing, and not necessarily accurate if the plane was manually aligned (ie not spawned there)

I double tap the screen to ensure it’s all lined up, then I use the outside of my device as a reference because the middle of the screen is a good reference. If that makes sense.

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