Keepin It Cool With Avelo

Hello Everyone! I flew Avelo for the first time going to Wilmington NC during @United403 Fort Lauderdale event and it was super fun so i thought i’d bring you all along.

Parked at da gate G10

Taxiing to da Runway 10R with @Ben_Walsh behind me going to Kingston

Takeoff with @Butter575 photobombing

Nice view of the Atlantic after departure

Cruisin’ with ocean stretching out forever

Descent into Wilmo with the coast of NC making an appearance

On approach Runway 35

Windy landing but not too bad. Welcome to Wilmington!

Parked at da gate 5

Overall Experience: cool aircraft, cool livery, cool airline, nice route, nice airports. 7/10

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Thanks for viewing!


Nice photos! I like the last one the most

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Thanks so much @Wonderousbuilder641

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Beautiful photos, yes the last one is incredible!!!

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Glad you like it @Captain_Lufty

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