Keep online flight active when App is closed/crashed

Constantly the app crashes or my device battery runs out and my flight is gone when I reopen the app.
I wish the flight would resume where it was when I was last in the app, or better continue on the path I was especially since I’m cursing in AP. Maybe the server can calculate where the plane would be based on the last recorded speed/location? Doesn’t sound impossible to me.

I use a gamevice w/iPad mini and every couple of flights it disconnects and I have no controls unless I kill the app and re-open, but if I’m flying long haul I can either land APPR or end the flight.

It would also be great to be able to fly without constantly having the app open, so I can save my device’s battery and can open other apps. Would also be cool to get notifications on speed/alt/locations etc.

For long flights, it is advised that your device be plugged in. Any game you run for long periods of time is going to use the battery.

We cannot troubleshoot 3rd party controllers. Some bluetooth devices are known to disconnect after periods of inactivity.

The app requires a constant connection and the app must stay active.This is the way…



Impossible, no. But you would not want to have people popping up randomly in the middle of a runway, or on final etc. Pick your spot :)


I know you’ve probably heard it so many times. Turn down graphics and your screen brightness enable low power mode. And close all background apps, keep your device plugged in !!

This use to happen to me and I hate to make this sound bad but I got a newer device and it started working again I think after a while the graphics card just seems to where out and the cpu slows…

I hope you solve your problem

  • Jamie

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