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Now of course it’s another one of my S&Vs
It’s not just any S&V
It’s the 21.1 photos I promised last week!

Without further ado
I present to you
The 21.1 Beta Special!!

Les Détails

Server: The good old training server
Time: How am I supposed to know
Routes: Many
Planes: Airbus 747, among others

Numéro uno today is a Boeing B350 nyoooming out of SFO with @Neil_Parikh’s Boeing B330 and @CaptJJ’s Airbus A757 in the background

P. S. Nyoom is not trademarked. There are tens of such examples on Urban Dictionary.

Scattered clouds + unknown object in the sky = nice

Another MD-757

Now it’s MY turn to fly the Airbus 757
@JetSuperior5192 tell me what you think about it 😉

Nice lineup of Airbus McDonnell DouglasCessnaRussian planes

AeroRocketPencilmexico taking off with what is clearly a Delta Boeing B321neo at the gate

Now for a JAL Airbus 777-300ER

Okay, this is definitely not All Nippon Airways.
Say it with me: Japan Airlines.

Mount Fuji with clouds 🥰🥰

I was seeing blue, white, blue, white
I forgot how that saying went though
But all I knew was that
I was all set to butter this giant airplane

The last ones for now are taken from a Lifthansa Airbus 747 @anon2996007

Oh nice Emirates
See you in Doha

Old and new and a castle

Okay, so that’s all for now! I hope you liked it, and that there will be one more topic tomorrow or on Monday to display all my 21.1 photos!!

Au Revoir

Other S&Vs

An unknown object has made its way into my pictures again


Picture : adios

cool pics tho

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@phoenix006 Sorry, I accidentally hit the Create Topic button before it was ready
I’ve added the remaining photos!

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Picture: Hola

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French and Spanish? Sprench or Franish?

Les photos c’est beau 😍

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I see Lufthansa, I like

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Yes, I put Español and Français together on purpose haha
Glad that you liked it!

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By the way
No one can sue me now

It’s in Urban Dictionary