Keep getting this version is outdated

Is anyone getting this message? I’ve deleted and re-installed the IF app on my tablet. I still have time on my subscription a n d would like to continue playing. Any suggestions? Thanks

Kindle Fire HDX, Android.

Seems like there’s an update available and you didn’t get it. Do you have the new A321? Also please include your device and operating system. Thanks:)

i dont have idea sorry.

Same error on my iPhone 4S

My old phone

I have a Kindle Fire HDX, OS is Android

Do you have the latest Android OS?

Yup, the latest. It just started doing this. I haven’t made any changes to tablet. I was flying perfectly yesterday. I login today to fly and I get this login error.

Interesting. Let’s just wait until David responds then.

This is a strange one. Usually when that error appears it’s because the copy of the app is invalid. Such as those downloaded and installed from 3rd party websites that offer paid apps for free. Or, it appears when there’s been an attempted hack to the IAPs.
Remember I said “usually”. That means I’ve not yet heard of any other cause, but it’s possible there might be something else making the error.

Quick way to determine the validity of the app is to delete it, then restart device power. Launch the Amazon store and sign in with the original account ID used to purchase from that store to re-download and install.
If it installs, no error appears, and no charge for the app then the action was successful and the previous copy was invalid.

If after doing that the error appears again, or there was a new charge, then it could mean something else. One most likely possibility is that the device is rooted, or otherwise modified, or IAP hacks like Freedom and LuckyPatcher are or have been installed. If the answer is yes to any of those, then a device factory reset may be necessary to undo the damage caused by those actions.

All that remains is the “unknown”. For which I surely give benefit of doubt, and there may be some other issue I’ve never seen before. That will require more investigating as well as a copy of the original purchase receipt for the app from the Amazon store. That can be sent in a PM to me here, or open a private trouble ticket HERE then select “Contact Support” and reference this conversation. That way no private information can be intercepted through this forum.

Heads up. I have just learned that the Amazon update somehow failed to process. It will drop in the next 24 hours.

See sometimes there really is an unknown factor. Sorry about the confusion.