keep getting disconnected...

Everytime I am trying to do a flight… I get disconnected… I get a popup message that says that active account all ready connected, disconnecting server… something like that anyways. almost saying like I am logged on again or someone is trying too… but that is impossible… no one else knows my password and I don’t have infinite flight on any other phone…


The usual cause for this is recurring connectivity issues between your device and the rest of the world (Internet). I’ve investigated a few reports surrounding this, and in all of the cases it’s been that we see the user disappearing for more than 20 seconds several times in shorter periods. When this happens over & over again, the access token you are given eventually becomes invalid and the servers believe you have multiple sessions set up.

We’re working on different solutions to counter act this, but the root cause is your connection none the less.

anyway you can stop it? because It has happened to me over 15x today… I have not been able to land on a live server (even when connected to internet ) because I was keep being disconnected, (during flight).

I want to at least land a few times using live server so I can contact the controllers, by wifi is finicky. But It’s good enough that I am online for the whole flight.

Another problem, I had lately is the game keeps crashing… happened 8 times so far the last 3 days even with good wifi.

No, we can’t stop it I’m afraid. You will need to troubleshoot your connection in this case. Many of the times, a restart of the router you are connected to will help. This is probably related to the crashes you are experiencing as well.

“Good WiFi” usually doesn’t say much. Just because the signal strength looks good, it doesn’t mean a lot of packages are dropped. Speed is not a real factor here either, as Infinite Flight can run on <1mbit connections. The content download would be a bit slow though…

One more Issue… when I make flight plan, and I use the last diamond thingys on the runway to mark where I land…

How do I mark that I am landing at that airport to show up on my infinite flight tracker? so people can track my plane.

I don’t like using the airport code to show my landing, it interferes with my AP landing.

You will have to add the airport as your final waypoint.

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