Keep disconnecting

I was starting my flight from Honolulu to Las Angeles the I was disconnecting I restart my app and my phone,my bars are fine and still I get a network error is this a bug?

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Then I was disconnecting that’s what I meant

Have you exited out of the app whilst in flight? Make sure you have a strong network connection.


You could try turning on airplane mode for a minute or two, turn it off and try going back into the game.

This sounds more likely a scenery problem to me. If I were you I would go to the Infinite Flight tab in settings and click, “Clear Scenery Cache”.

It’s not. “NetworkError” are shown in some circumstances when the connection to the Live Server mess up. If it were a scenery error, nothing unusual would show in the System info in the top right corner.


So is it a bug? or a very different thing

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You lost connection to the server, it’s not completely uncommon. Could have been an issue for your service provider.

Are you still having issues?

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I’ll check tomorrow And see if it is still happening

Can I ask a question?

No need to ask to ask, that’s what the forum’s for. ;)


Is there any way of connecting back if one is presented with “Network Error”?

Yes, you can reconnect after a network error, as long as you have a stable network connection afterwards. Seems like an issue with your service provider. Have you tried turning data/WiFi off and then back on? Reinstalling the app? Restarting your device? What have you done to troubleshoot?

Are you still experiencing issues?

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What I find @naro , is that if I have a noice on my iPad like, 10% battery remaining and I have been afk from the tablet for say half an hour and see the notification, the network error will not go. Seems to be an issue connecting back to the server as the connection is interrupted by the notification. Obviously can’t restart the app during the flight as will lose all data. I do the best I can anyways. Turn down brightness, battery saver, low power mode, Graphics to lowest etc.

No its says connection failed

There are some occasions where, if your device has been disconnected for so long, you will reconnect to weather and the global server, However your connection to the live server will be lost, and it’s unlikely to reconnect.

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No the problem is still there

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What device are you currently using?

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No it doesn’t. I can read connection error [quote=“SpeedSD, post:15, topic:219857, full:true”]
No its says connection failed

I use iPad Air 2. iOS 11.4