Keep crashing

Was about to do some pattern at mmmx in the CRJ 200 and 700 and right after take off when I engage the auto pilot the plane immediately dive down and crash. Maybe someone could check that out.thanks!

Hi there, it sounds like you went into a stall. We recommend that you hand fly the aircraft until everything is stabilized and you are climbing at a positive rate with positive momentum.

A stall is the opposite of this. Hope this makes sense.

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Oh, just in case you weren’t aware. Our community has some great tutorials that might be of assistance to better understanding takeoff:

I was hand flying until I hit auto pilot and the plane made a noise dive seem like a bug

I see now. Okay, well without knowing what actually took place at the moment you hit the AP button it would be hard to decipher the cause. I don’t believe that there is a bug since there would likely be widespread reports. If you would like I can take a look at your replay to see if I see anything out of the ordinary.

Is it possible that you had a certain altitude set in your altitude box in the auto pilot section and when you activated your auto pilot you already exceeded the altitude you set which started a quick dive to get to that altitude you set? MMMX is a highly elevated airport so it is likely you set it where you would actually have to descend from your current altitude in MSL with the elevation. I’d share your replay file with Levet above so we can get an answer or at least get some better visuals. :)


I think I got it figured out thanks alot

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Hi, would you mind sharing what occurred. It may help others in the future if we know what happened.

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When you engage the autopilot was the altitude button set to 0? If it was, that’s why you crashed. You have to put in an altitude higher that your current one. I usually do my initial cruise altitude like FL320.

This would occurs if the V/S was activated. If it was not then the ALT would go to 500’-1000’ above you’re present altitude

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