KEDW Edwards Airport 05L Runway Glitch?

At KEDW Edwards airport is runway 05L suppose to not connect to any sort of land and end just short of water!? And also I don’t know if you notice in the picture but pretend you were taking off from Runway 05L if you try to follow up the runway and look slightly to the right there is a good trim of the runway missing then when it crosses over the opposing runway the trim that’s “technically” suppose to be there before the cross is perfect after it…

I would assume this runway would only be used for landings

There is not supposed to be water there by it is and the “cut” is there IRL.


KEDW is a crazy place. Most of the runways are built on a dry lake bed. Infinite Flight might detect the dry lake bed as water, or the lake bed might collect water when it rains. That’s just my guess.


KEDW is prone to flooding.

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Oh wow did not know that! Thanks for the info.

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Neither did I, but now we do know.

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Here is that area taken from library. Additional asphalt blastpad freshly added

Note that the Compass Rose is covered with water. Terrain does not reflect actual in this part of IF.




Yessir windsock

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Looks nice 🙂 In IF sometime soon? Back on topic after this 🙂

Wait, do we have the compass at EDW.

We don´t have it.

Correction: we do have one.

Yes you do. I made this compass a long while back, look closely under the water :) There should be no water here IRL


Came across it as well!
Water and misalignment of the runway or taxiway.

That’s not a taxiway. It’s a parking spot. Since the ground is dirt, I think they just taxi onto the runway by going off the main taxiway.