KeBiem’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA

Welcome to @KeBiem’s ATC Tracking Thread!
I passed the written test!

Airport: XXXX
Frequencies: Tower & Ground
Server: Training Server


Feedback will be appreciated :)


Ok I will stop by

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Thanks for coming!

Feedback from B-LSM:

Good control :)

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CLOSED, thanks for everyone for passing by!

OPEN @ EHAM, for about one hour.

I’ll come.

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Please clear me for pushback.

You flying?

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I have some wifi issues, trying to fix it

CLOSED, will fix my WiFi. Sorry for the late responses. :(

ATC Feedback - You have several mistakes you can work on. (P4-LOT)

  • When aircraft request frequency change and have been cleared for taxi there’s no need to tell them to contact tower because in the taxi message it says contact tower when ready so a duplicate frequency change message would be needed.

  • DRM420 required a pushback message instead of a taxi message due to his position on the gate be careful with that regardless of what the pilot requests.

  • [23:16:29] Late clearance for me try to clear on late crosswind or early downwind also on a airplanes name it will show white if not cleared and green if cleared.

  • [23:14:25] KLM 3301 called inbound on the visual which is wrong from him because there’s no approach instead of making him go-around to a whole different runway which is wrong too don’t clear aircraft to go-around to a new runway only the same runway their on and just clear him or her to land and give him or her a pattern entry there’s not much you can do in training server and only do a go-around if you think separation is lost.

  • [23:25:24] Late exit runway command the aim point is 70kts for airliners and GA 40-30kts

  • [23:22:09] KLM 3301 was already told to go-around to a different runway and make left traffic there’s no need to give him a pattern entry.

  • Try to give aircraft a frequency change approved when they are airborne.

Hope this helps you on your ATC journey and it’s ok with the WiFi. :)

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Thanks for taking your time and giving me really well feedback. :)

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Your welcome have a nice day and happy new year!

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You too, happy new year

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