KE471 RGN - ICN Review

Well my vacation time in Myanmar has ended, I highly recommend everyone to visit it!
So how did I get home? By two different jets, two different airlines.
This is the Korean Air 471 A330 review! (As I write this I’m on DL198 inbound for SEA)

This was my second tome flying on the A330, and just like the first time I loved it. Korean Air was an incredible experience and enjoyed flying with them.
Arriving to Yangon International and clearing customs was a breeze, we arrived an hour before our jet boarded and it boarded very quick and smoothly.

The waiting room was comfy we didn’t get any food since we had just had a day of eatting street foods.

We boarded the A330 and began our 6hr trip to ICN.

The safety video was just the same you’d find on the last Korean Flight I flew on, personally I thought it could be a little updated but that’s my opinion.
After departure water and orange juice was served, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the fresh OJ I’d get at my hotel in Myanmar.

We began our trip flying towards S Korea via flying over China the flight was bumpy just like heading down to RGN, but it was a nice kind of bumpy that helped me sleep for a little.

Breakfast on board had several options, chicken, pork, noddles and then the omelet. I decided try that this round. Once again Korean Air impressed me by giving real silverware!

The entire meal had fruit, a cinnamon roll, green beans, a fried tomato, a potato ball thing and some mystery thing.
It wasn’t to bad at all! The mystery meat thing was very… weird?

My short flight with Korean Air was a great experienced and I enjoyed it. The crew was fun they chatted with me about my travels, I talked to them about their work.
Over all I will fly them again if I have to!


Great trip report. I’m glad you had fun on vacation.

Thank you! It was very fun and relaxing!

Nice job! Safe flights home!

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Thanks! Almost there got about 30 minutes left!


Hey nice report.I have found your flight.Hope you enjoyed your trip
Safe landings

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Thank you glad you enjoyed it!

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