KDWA Yolo County Airport CA

I was flying a local area GA sortie hoping to find KDWA (Yolo County Airport, CA). I recall it being there in the past but ot looks like it’s not there. Do lesser known GA airports get deleted when big updates are pushed? Thanks for any info.

I’m not entirely sure. I think some airports are put in automatically without the devs. Not sure about them being taken out. Sorry I dont have any more information to help you.

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Hello, it looks like it can probably be edited in. The Airport editing team does not take requests. But some will probably be willing to do it. I’ll make sure to reach out to some of them to see if they can help

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Hi there, seems it was removed in May under its original ICAO, 2Q3. I’ll take a look into this with the team, thanks for the report!


Never. The airport database was created years ago so some airports weren’t (and some to this day aren’t) added yet.

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Should have landed anhways. YOLO!

Heh, get it… because yolo country… ha


Started working on this (all taxiways mostly done). I’ll likely complete it tomorrow, and should be in the next update. :)


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Yay, we get it back!

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Holy cow! That’s awesome!
I think the most intersting part about KDWA is the outdoor gun range right next to the numbers of runway 16…which happens to be final for the skydivers??? Thanks again!

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