KDTW Tracking Thread

KDTW - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Tracking Thread

Welcome to the KDTW tracking thread! Here, I will post updates on KDTW as well as answer any questions you guys have. I encourage you all to share your pictures of Detroit Metro with me as this helps me to make a more realistic airport. Thanks!

Status: Concourse C in progress

Please Note:

  • This is a rather large airport and development will take several months. Please be patient!

  • These are work-in-progress shots and everything seen is subject to change!

  • Updates are most likely to come Fridays and Sundays (however this does not mean that this will always be the case)

About me

Hi! I’m Sami and I have been an airport editor for 2 years. I have over 20 airports in Infinite flight (2D and 3D combined) and more on the way! My favorite airport that I have created is OJAI, but I have a feeling KDTW might be a close second! Feel free to PM with any questions


Very cool! Can’t wait to see it finished!


Here is the first update that can be found in the Project Midwest thread:

I worked for a few hours today on KDTW. Here is a very early design for concourse D. Please note, this is one day of work, everything seen is subject to (and almost certainly will) change


Looks great so far!


Here are WIP shots after today’s work. Concourse D is no longer floating and some jet bridges have been added. I also made the gates more detailed and did some behind the scenes work. As of right now, KDTW is set to come with a custom tower!


That look good but I’ve been wanting this for a long time

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Looks great! Can’t wait until it is finished! :)


DTW!!! yes. I have been waiting so long for this to come


Oooo I can not wait. Hey, I have something that you can put in DTW that can be realistic. Is it possible if you can put like the Delta Logo on the Jet bridges like they do in real life? Here is an example.


Unfortunately this is not currently possible


Thank you so much for this. My glen state of Michigan currently has 0 3D airports it really is sad

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This airport will get stolen. Can’t have nothing in Detroit


Ah oh well. That’s alright. One day in the future it may happen.

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Very happy about this, I’ve been waiting for a long time.

Fun Fact: Both of my parents worked at DTW, they used to be ground crew members, can’t wait until it is finished :)

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Besides some finishing touches that will be added later, Concourse D is finished!


Looks amazing! About 9 days ago i did ORD-DTW-ORD and the concourses looked so bare, now they are looking great!


@Sami_Fajita_Air Is it possible to add the black bag ramp next to the stairs on the jet bridge for this airport?

“Detroit, Detroit, it’s a heck of a town”. Looks amazing!

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Awesome I can’t wait for this airport!


OMG it looks so great I can’t wait to see the Finished product. It will be great when the e175 come out bc between United and American DTW gets a lot of them

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