KDTW fly-out event! 27AUG2022 / 1600Z

let’s get more sign ups

Can I have this one?

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Yup :) @s_joshz

thank you! finally a DTW fly out :)

I know kdtw doesn’t get enough love lol @s_joshz

exactly, gotta show Detroit some love lol

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they just started making progress on making the airport 3D in infinite flight I’m excited @s_joshz

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yes I heard about it it looks really good so far

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let’s get some sign-ups today

I’ll take a43 to Atlanta please

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ur signed up :) @Matt_the_pilot24

Thank you :)

I’ll take this

Can I fly a spirit A321 to KMIA please

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u got it @CaptainE

yup sure @AmericanB772

Thank you!

let’s get more sign ups!!

Can I switch to this please
A9 LaGuardia A220 Delta

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yup :) @AmericanB772