KDTW fly-out event! 27AUG2022 / 1600Z

Welcome to the KDTW fly-out!! (My first event!!!)

KDTW or Detroit Metro as we here in Detroit call it, opened in 1929 and serves as a major Delta hub. I’m excited as I just found out they started progress on making the airport 3D in IF!!

total attending so far: 22

About Detroit Metro

Event Information
Date: August 27, 2022
Time: 1600Z or 12:00pm EST
Server: Expert
Airport: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Gate Assignments

Concourse A

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
A1 Pittsburgh CRJ9 Delta @AmericanB772
A2 Fort Lauderdale A320 Delta -
A3 Denver A321 Delta @RagonDragon
A4 Windsor Locks B712 Delta -
A5 Cancun B739 Delta -
A6 Salt Lake City B739 Delta -
A7 Newark Liberty A220 Delta -
A8 Miami B739 Delta -
A9 LaGuardia A220 Delta -
A10 White Plains CRJ9 Delta -
A11 Raleigh Durham B712 Delta -
A12 Milwaukee B712 Delta -
A17 Kansas City B712 Delta -
A18 Las Vegas B739 Delta -
A19 Charlotte B712 Delta -
A20 Minneapolis B739 Delta -
A21 Fort Myers B739 Delta @United403
A23 Charleston B712 Delta -
A24 Tampa B739 Delta -
A25 Buffalo B712 Delta -
A27 Seattle B739 Delta -
A28 Phoenix A321 Delta -
A29 Los Angeles A321 Delta -
A30 Los Angeles A321 Delta @Gautam_Jaiswal
A31 Chicago Ohare B712 Delta -
A33 Philadelphia B712 Delta -
A34 Munich B764 Delta -
A35 Nashville A319 Delta -
A36 Seoul A359 Delta -
A38 Paris A339 Delta @dipiesi
A40 Mexico City A319 Delta -
A43 Atlanta A321 Delta @Matt_the_pilot24
A45 Knoxville A320 Delta @itscay519
A46 Seattle B753 Delta -
A47 Cincinnati CRJ9 Delta @Dave_s_Aviation
A49 Syracuse CRJ9 Delta -
A50 Amsterdam A359 Delta @Andrew_Calvin
A51 Myrtle Beach A320 Delta -
A53 Albany CRJ9 Delta -
A54 San Diego A321 Delta -
A55 Cleveland CRJ9 Delta @Butter575
A56 San Francisco B739 Delta -
A57 St Louis CRJ9 Delta -
A59 Rochester CRJ7 Delta -
A60 Atlanta B752 Delta @s_joshz
A61 San Antonio A319 Delta -
A63 Lexington E170 Delta -
A64 Atlanta A321 Delta -
A65 Seattle B739 Delta -
A66 Frankfurt A333 Delta @Metro_Aviation
A67 Jacksonville A320 Delta -
A68 Baltimore B739 Delta -
A69 Houston A220 Delta -
A70 Las Vegas A321 Delta -
A71 Dallas A319 Delta -
A72 Orlando B752 Delta @LVflyer2009
A73 Washington Reagan A320 Delta @Aviator_Theo
A74 Salt Lake City B739 Delta -
A75 New Orleans A320 Delta @Mr_A1B3RT
A76 Portland A321 Delta -
A77 Austin A319 Delta -
A78 West Palm Beach A319 Delta -

Concourse B

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
B1 Green Bay CRJ9 Delta -
B2 Pittsburgh CRJ9 Delta -
B3 Knoxville CRJ9 Delta -
B4 Montreal CRJ9 Delta -
B5 Providence CRJ9 Delta @CaptainE
B6 New York JFK CRJ9 Delta -
B7 Madison CRJ9 Delta -
B8 Indianapolis CRJ9 Delta -
B10 Iron Mountain CRJ2 Delta @Airplaneking08
B11 Chicago Midway CRJ7 Delta -
B12 Indianapolis CRJ9 Delta -
B15 Traverse City CRJ7 Delta -
B16 Chicago Ohare CRJ9 Delta -
B18 Cleveland CRJ9 Delta -
B19 Philadelphia CRJ7 Delta -
B20 Memphis CRJ9 Delta -
B21 Chicago Midway CRJ7 Delta -

Concourse C

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
C1 Cedar Rapids CRJ2 Delta -
C4 Saginaw CRJ2 Delta -
C7 Chattanooga CRJ2 Delta -
C8 Columbus CRJ2 Delta -
C9 Toronto Pearson CRJ2 Delta -
C12 Lansing CRJ2 Delta -
C14 Kalamazoo CRJ2 Delta -
C21 Ithaca CRJ2 Delta -
C22 Binghamton CRJ2 Delta -
C25 Pellston CRJ2 Delta -
C28 Richmond CRJ2 Delta -
C29 Traverse City CRJ2 Delta -
C33 Alpena CRJ2 Delta -

Concourse D

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
D1 Chicago Ohare E175 United -
D2 Newark Liberty B737 United -
D3 Toronto Pearson CRJ2 Air Canada -
D4 Washington Dulles B737 United -
D5 Portland B739 Alaska -
D6 Washington Dulles E175 United -
D8 Houston E175 United -
D9 Seattle B739 Alaska -
D10 Fort Myers A319 Spirit -
D11 Philadelphia A319 Spirit -
D12 Atlanta A320 Spirit -
D14 Orlando A319 Spirit @MUHAMMED_SAADHIK
D15 New Orleans A320 Spirit @KyranProductions
D16 Los Angeles A320 Spirit -
D17 Miami A321 Spirit -
D18 Boston A320 JetBlue -
D19 New York JFK A320 JetBlue -
D20 Chicago Midway B737 Southwest -
D21 Nashville B738 Southwest -
D23 Baltimore B738 Southwest @Chaseelliottfan9WG
D24 LaGuardia E170 American -
D25 Las Vegas A320 Frontier -
D26 Dallas B738 American @AviatorRyan
D28 Miami A319 American -
D30 Charlotte A320 American @Aviation_Jerry
D32 Charlotte B738 American -

If an aircraft isn’t available in IF use next best aircraft. If livery isn’t available use generic livery.
Cargo, private jets and general aviation aircraft are allowed but must park in Cargo/FBO ramps.
There is some open gates in Concourse C that utilize CRJ2s if anyone has a request.


If ATC not available use Unicom at all times.
Lastly, have fun and be respectful to everyone.
If anyone would like to make a video or get pictures you’re more the welcome :)
I’ll be making a video as well!!

Airport Runway Map
RWY21L/22R for arrivals
RWY21R/22L for departures

Terminal Map


I will take this one please.


It wasn’t on there but can I do DTW-IMT(iron mountain)

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@Airplaneking08 @AviatorRyan you both are down. :)

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I’ll take this one please!


you’re signed up :) @Butter575

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Thanks! Can’t wait

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Can I have gate A72? Also, I think it is operated on the 757

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yeah sure and i can switch it. i just went by the departure board for real life departures :) @LVflyer2009

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Gate D15 please

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signed up :) @KyranProductions

I’ll take this route. Callsign will be DL1251. Cant wait!

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ur signed up. i cant wait either :) @Chaseelliottfan9WG

Can I go to JazzCity plz? Thank you so much!

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yup you’re down @Mr_A1B3RT :)

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I’ll take this one please

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signed up :) @Aviator_Theo

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i think @Andrew_Calvin will be very happy

do y’all wanna join @ryanairlanding @Andrew_Calvin

i don’t think i can sorry