KDTW 22R ILS Issue


Just saw this come up in my Youtube feed…


  • A major US airport
  • A Delta Airlines hub
  • The issue still persists…

The situation worsened enough that a controller had to blow the whistle.

Now you may think that a pilot easily can notice a weak signal or that he/she’s approach is off however in bad weather it is a major safety concern.

I am kind of amazed that this has not been corrected and yet it has been known for so long.

Your thoughts IFC?

Anyone from Detroit area who flies out of KDTW or has experienced a go around situation on 22R there?

Let me know below.

Jack Wheeler
IPP Pilot

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What’s up jack! 👋🏽

This is certainly crazy. However this is a duplicate topic, you can head over here and continue talking about it ;)

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Duplicate topic. Please search before posting and feel free to continue in the topic linked above. Thanks!