KDLH - KMSP Timelapse Version 2 with Better Quality

Hello IFC, today I have another timelapse, just a quick video.

Description: This time with better quality and better editing :). An Infinite Flight timelapse that is from Duluth International Airport to Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Note: The whole video is not timelapse itself, instead of with few cool replays.

What I used?: I am currently using my device, Samsung S8 and using Kinemaster which is the majority for editing. Infinite Flight and Samsung Video Editor is included as well. Lastly, I have used Video Speed to make the video go quicker. Kinemaster and Video Speed are free on Android (Not sure about iOS).

Lastly, the video you have been waiting to see it! Please note that there is some replay issue in the video where I was on Final and suddenly the plane went wacky position.

Want to see the First Version of it? I must warn you it is in horrible quality.
Click here for Version 1?

Like my timelapse? Want to watch more about this? Then go to this channel.


Great Landing! 😉

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