KDFW using Conventional SIDS and STARs


Due to unreliable GPS/ ASD-B equipment within a 40 NM radius of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the airport has basically resorted to the almost unused conventional arrivals.

Formerly, procedures like the Glen Rose, Bonham, Cedar Creek, and Bowie arrivals were used constantly at KDFW; over the last decade, these procedures have been phased out and replaced by RNAV arrivals.
However, due to this anomaly, arrivals have resorted to using conventional SIDS and STARs.

Due the decommissioning of most of these conventional arrival and departure procedures, the ones that are left (the WILBR, Bowie, and Cedar Creek arrivals; Dallas and Texoma departures, etc) are being pushed to maximum capacity.

This does not appear to be a major issue in terms of delays, however this could be considered a communication failure waiting to happen.

Check in on this development here: d-atis


Why is it unreliable for one of the busiest US airports?

And the FAA said VORs were useless…

It’s unknown at the moment. It’s something that has just started to happen recently.


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