KDFW Flyout @ KDFW - 121545ZFEB19 (PLEASE JOIN)

  • Aircraft and Livery: American Airlines in any CRJ model

  • Route: KDFW-KIAH

  • Time of Departure: Pushback begins at 3:45 P.M Alaska time

  • Server: Expert (please act pro)

  • Additional Information: This Is FNC13 first event and i hope for it to fun. please spawn at the A gates. (example: GATE A 23 will be my gate). Please copy my flight plan and after 3:45, we will taxi to the runway. the event is today so please be ready. There is a chance that i will not be able to preform the event. No gate request needed. Enjoy the event at 3:45 ALASKA time. (it’s where i live). -FNC13

Please amend the title to fit the category. You can find the guide in the pinned post in this category!

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how to what should i change it to ?

Please read the information in this post as stated above! About the Group Flights Category

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thanks this will help much

Looks interesting, what time is it going to take place in UK?

UM I don’t know let me check

it would be 12:45 in the morning im sorry UK time is different than Alaska time

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