KDFW evening spotting

So a few weeks ago I went to DFW international airport to go spotting. These are not the best shots I am still learning to edit good, but enjoy!!

Qatar Airways A350-1000 (Oneworld)

American 787-8 from KORD Idk if I even selected the right picture from my files lol

American airline tail love <3

American 737-800 (Not the best edited picture)

American airlines TWA 737-800
Last one for today…

Air China cargo 777F

Please let me know if my photos are good or not and if I should post more photos. Thank you and I appreciate all feedback given! Have a nice day :)


You and @Altaria55 should meet up…he’ll show you the illegal (and legal) spots…haha. Nice shots.


Lmao @Thunderbolt thank you!!

Is that a CAVA Air China 77F? Great pictures also!


Nice pics!

When was the Air China Cargo 777F taken? I feel like I haven’t seen it at DFW in a while.

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@Ishrion This was taken in like August around 11 AM morning time and I posted this now after I became TL2 and appreciate you!

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@Saharsh Thank you and indeed it is a CAVA Boeing 777F!

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Heat haze is a killer, nice shots nonetheless, keep it up.


Thank you for the feedback @KPIT and yes I will have to fix heat haze and I appreciate you!

Eh, not much to be done, just part of what happens at long focal lengths over hot pavement. Great shots nonetheless.

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Thes pics look great @Huzefa_Bohri

Thank you Cactus @ZeRo_37!

You get free Free activa for all your work

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How is this relevant to the topic?


Maybe this is what you were looking for

its not lmao

it has spotting in the name

Then why are you posting it here?

Put it in the topic @SamC linked, please.

I never said you could post it here?

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