KDEN opened in Expert

Want to thank this awesome guy who opened KDEN on expert server today!!! He opened my favorite region. It’s so nice to see KDEN have so much traffic!


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He is amazing!!! Dude sorry about hat intersection departure I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to 😬😬 but great awesome job! Thank you @Heavydriver I 100% appreciate your work today

make sure you keep an eye of the hold short line. I was about to abort takeoff when I saw you.

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Was that you? Dude here. I was given clearance to line up and wait. I swear I didn’t even notice you until I saw your takeoff roll towards me. That’s why I said stand by


But I do appologize if I made you almost abort! That one was on me lol. I was chastised later for no intersection departures. My sincere apologies @Alan_Perez

Next time please talk to controllers via PM, if it’s a complaint or even a friendly complement like the one posted here, please send the controller a PM. No one else in this topic really cares as they did not have the same experience as you (unless someone here was also at KDEN) :)


Will do! Sorry about that! I guess I need to know the forums even better lol

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It’s okay, it takes time 😉

Why were they using the 35’s for takeoffs? It’s only for landings IRL.

I requested it because I saw aircrafts landing at the other runway. I guess @Heavydriver felt that was a good idea.

no harm done, I actually moved the camera to make sure my left wing wasnt going to go through your aircraft

I slammed the breaks in the second I realized you were rolling toward me. I am sorry again for the confusion

That’s incorrect information as I’ve landed on the 35s plenty of times in real life in the cockpit. Please no Google Pilot opinions…

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Yes, I know they land on the 35’s, but I don’t think they takeoff from them, do they?

@Alan_Perez I apologize for @SkyHighGuys failure to properly taxi to the end of the runway. Especially at Denver Aircraft performance is extremely lacking thus no one unless they’re in a turbo prop would taxi to an intersection and try to depart. @SkyHighGuys please for future reference taxi to the full length instead of taking short cuts.


All runways are used unless designated as a taxiway!

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And I also apologize! @Heavydriver did the right thing. This was my fault. I will never try and intersect a departure again. Please accept my most humble apologies

Those mountains ;(

That’s Denver for you ;)

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