KDEN-KRNO (redone)

This is a topic that was posted earlier today but closed due to an offensive joke, no jokes in this one just pure aviation.

Flight info

Aircraft-737-800 (southwest)
Flight time- 1H 49min
Cruising altitude-35,000ft

Waiting for my plane to board at the terminal

Sunny takeoff from KDEN

Coming up on the beautiful front range of the Rockies

Finnally at cruising altitude

A cockpit shot

Turning north on descent with STAR mybad2 (that’s seriously the name of the star)

Final approach!

Hard touchdown in KRNO

Looking at the plane that took me here in the terminal.

Hope you enjoyed these! Criticism is appreciated!


Hope this is an improvement from the other topic! Good news the other one was closed and unlisted so we don’t have any of my offensive jokes floating around the community! Thankyou! Have a great day.


I’ll just pretend that I didn’t see the last one so these are actually good photos! Reno is always fun

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nice photos

Hey, what was the joke again?? 😂😂

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By the way, amazing shots!! 😍😍

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Oh it was joking about bomb threats If really want to know I will tell you in a PM.

This one is definitely a lot better! Cool photos.

Thanks! I tried my best with the photos to brighten them up.

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I don’t see the point really. I mean you already ruined it with your last topic. I just think you should accept that this flight was a fail and try better next time.

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Okay, I don’t exactly understand I mean ya the last topic was a mess up but that doesn’t make the whole flight a waste