KDEN just now

@Ramp Agent and Trio. Just wondering why 08/26 at KDEN was being used for departure/approach simultaneously ? I was also asked to go around on final to 26 (i suspect because of an 08 departure a few seconds before which had then cleared the approach path - so not sure why the go-around was necessary, maybe wifi connection delay, I assume). Approach then sent me off to the north-east and I heard nothing else. I understand mistakes happen, just curious to know what happened.

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@Trio @KSJCRampAgent
(I tagged them for you 👍🏻)

However, it is better to send a PM to them.


Please PM them instead of making a topic.


Sorry wasn’t sure who they are to PM them. I found trio but not rampagent.

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Ramp agent is @KSJCRampAgent

Ah, understandable, sorry fir jumping on you like that, I believe Nate set you up with their tags above, I assume you know how to PM them from there? If not I can get you set up or you can wait for then to respond…

I’ll respond when I finish controlling.


Thanks, I’ll wait for them

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Great, looks like Ramp agent is on it, so you should get that notification soon!

Sorry again for jumping on you…

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No problem at all…