KDEN Denver Taxiway

@Kilt_McHaggis sorry for tagging you but I think you need to look into this …that is the latest update


Don’t have update cause I use iOS but that’s looks like a problem

Maybe you should try checking out if it was there before

Ok sorry didn’t check that out but that was for the older version and its still not fixed…just to inform them they might have forgetten since hopefully the said it will be fixed in the next update ;)

Thanks for the report, I fixed it. Pushing to the repository now. :)


I never knew it was that easy to fix ;) haha anyway thanks for your concern

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Just wondering…!!is it also fixed in my phone or it’ll need an update?

The developers push airport updates from time to time, usually every update. The fix should be in the next update. :)

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Nice catch!

Thx Henrik

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While taxing to runway 08 I found this(I have iOS and still no dash update

iOS means, yeah. You still have the old scenery.

This bug is not just in KDEN,there are in others airports.

I live in Denver and go to this airport often, this defenetly is an issue that needs to be fixed!

Should be good