KDEN Denver Spotting Guide August 2019


Spot number 1:
North and East Garages

These spots are great for taxi shots and landing shots if they are using the 34’s.
Would Recommend parking on the top floor. 250 or 300mm lens is recommended
Park at the Circled spots for optimum shots.
Recommend time: Morning
Pros: Top Floor usually never Full
Cons: Pay for hourly parking usually cheap though.

West Garage

East Garage
Spot 2: Final Approach Cafe

The Final Approach Cafe is Great for takeoff shots of aircraft using 25 for departure.
Views can be a little obstructed but arent too bad. 200mm-300mm lens is recommended
Pros: Good views don" have to worry about lighting
Cons: Not a good spot for heavies but in the morning UA’s 772 and 757 use the runway when headed to hawaii.Runway usage can be hit or miss
Recommended Time: Anytime during the day

Park where the small circle is for the best views.

Spot 3: Mt. Elbert lot

The Mount Elbert lot is good when they are using 35L.
But unfortunately 35L/17R is under construction so I haven’t been able to spot there.
Pros: Good Spot for 35L arrivals
Cons: Mt.Elbert lot isnt always open and 35L is under construction.
Recommended time: Afternoon

Credit: @anon67310022

Spot 4: 120th Ave

Good for arrivals and departures for 16’s. Dont need that much of a zoom lens. 150mm and above will work.Never been spotting there but from all of my Colorado spotter friends have been there and recommend it. When going there you will have to pull over on the side of the road. Don’t worry its not a busy road. Note: Do not go on 114th Ave DEN OPS will ask you to Leave.
Pros: Great spot all around
Cons: Dont go near the fuel tanks or else DEN OPS will ask you to leave
Recommended Time: Anytime

Spot 5: 96th Ave

96th Ave is good for 08 departures. 250-300mm or more is recommended. Its a little tough to get too but it is do able. Often times you will see a Lufty A350 depart using 08. I haven’t spotted there either but plan on doing so soon. Again do not get close to the fence or the fuel tanks or else DEN OPS will ask you to leave.
Pros: Great spot for departures
Cons: May be too far not sure. 8 is used for mainly narrowbodys and regional aircraft.
Recommended Time: Anytime

Spot 6: E 64th AVE

Great for 35’s arrivals or 17’s departure. You can drive down the road for better lighting. Again you will have to pull onto the side of the road to spot but the road isn’t busy what so ever so traffic is not a problem. Again I havent been spotting here yet but plan too. 150-300mm lens or more recommended
Pros: When DEN is using 34L and 35R for arrivals all heavies utilize 35R.
Cons: Roads may not be the best since it is an off road.
Recommended time: Anytime

Credit: @anon67310022
Thanks for Viewing my guide please note that I began Spotting at DEN a month ago and only began photography 2 months ago. Also All these pictures are mine please don’t use without permission. If you have any questions/comments or feedback please let me know!! Thanks for stopping by!!


Great spotting guide! I’d love to visit Denver one day to spot!

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Not to brag but I have been there over 30 times. Great guide! I hopefully need to go the next time I come, hopefully during thanksgiving!

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wHy aRe yOu bRaGgIng? Jk
I’m going there this weekend hopefully.

Don’t you live there haha?

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Yeah but I’m incredibly busy every weekend with baseball.


Thank you!! You should great place!!

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This encapsulates it pretty well!

I have some photos for the 16s, 64th ave, and Mt. Elbert spots you can put in if you like:

The compression might discolor the images a bit.

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Thanks I’ll put them in!!!

May I copy it a bit and do one for YMML?

Thanks. Next time I drive to Denver I’ll see if I can swing by the good ol’ (new) DIA. (R.I.P Stapleton)

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Hey I’m based out of KDEN. You got any pictures of the good ol’ Embraer 145 lol?

Why will den ops ask us to leave if we are on 114 ave?

Now I just need one thing, a ticket to Denver lol. Should make one of these ATL


Because they don’t like spotters at the fence which is weird

Nice!! I do actually I’ll PM them to you

Yes of course you can!!

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Well I mean you already did 👀

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Yeah you should. Lol rip Stapleton

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