KDEN buildings


I just have a quick question. Will DEN be getting tents?

Tents? Could you share a picture of these “tents”?

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Ah ok I get it.

I would highly doubt it in 21.1 - similarly to the situation with the curved terminals at CDG and DXB, the devs may focus on these details at a later date but for now they are focusing on adding buildings to as many airports as they can…

yeah okay as I thought. Well I hope to see these tents and curved terminals in future updates :)

Hopefully! Glad I could help!

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Denver is such an unusual airport. I wish I could fly there more often!

Is there anywhere else with a runway configuration like that?

The Denver airport does not have tents on the Jeppesen terminal in 21.1. It does however, have the air bridge from the Jeppesen terminal to terminal A.

Hopefully this helps show what there is as far as tents. Still looks AMAZING!

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Yep I saw and I love DEN. The bridge is also really cool

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