KDCA River Visual Approach Runway 19

What’s up guys? Loving the KDCA expert ATC coverage today - I’m a DC resident and fly out of this airport frequently. One of my favorites due to its proximity to the city and beautiful views. One of the most striking views into DCA is on the river visual approach to Runway 19.

When on the Expert server today, I noticed that many seemed unfamiliar with this approach and instead flew right over DC (!!!). This would be a tragic mistake in real life, which made me wonder whether IF displays no fly zones? Downtown DC being a very large NFZ. I tried flying the river visual myself and the tower controller on duty almost ghosted me and redirected me to Runway 15.

Would love if ATC allowed me to do this approach as its so fun!


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Hey! I do know of a few people that flew this approach earlier today. If you privately message the controller, I’m sure they’ll explain the reason for your not being allowed to fly it. As for your query about NFZs, the amount of traffic in IF is usually much greater than that of real life, so it is impossible to be completely realistic with our proceedures in the app.


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