KDCA new concourse!

KDCA(Ronald Reagan national airport) has opened a new concourse!!(topic created 4/20/2021) after terminal b/c in 1997.construction began for the new concourse in 2017! The concourse gated as to 46 to 59! The new concourse it located north up of terminal C! The concourse is for small regional jets like e145,e170 or a crj-700. the new concourse call, north concourse. here some pictures from the inside!
image image

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im really hoping to visit the new concourse or seeing it in infinite flight!
also i couldnt find a photo from the outside because i thought it was animation.

more about the new concourse.

more about the airport.


Now that is sick ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Yessir! Been looking forward to this!

Nobody, EVER, will miss 35X

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What is 35X?

the worse gate in KDCA

Why is it bad?

im too lazy to write a essay so you can just check this out

So itโ€™s a bus stop?

i mean i geuss so but it the kind of bus stop that is awful

I donโ€™t mind riding a bus, lol just get me on the plane

Iโ€™m visiting DCA on saturday, this is nice to see ๐Ÿ˜

inside? or just spotting at gravely point?

Inside on my way home from florida

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oh cool hope you can see what inside the new concourse

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Adios Gate 35X

Imagine being stuffed into a dim lit dungeon with a bunch of unhappy fliers, only to be jammed onto a bus with many of the same, only to be exposed to the elements (rain, heat, humidity, snow) while boarding with the same unhappy bunch.

that literally the experience of gate 35X

Say goodbye to those, for American Airlines at least. Soon every one of their flights out of DCA will operate with the CRJ-700 or larger, meaning all of AAโ€™s flights will have first class. Itโ€™s amazing to see DCA upgrade from 35X to this new terminal.

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