KDCA ATC Camera Error

Hi guys.

I already searched in case someone already raised this issue, but I found none. Pardon me if I overlooked the topic.

I just logged in into KDCA (Washington National) as ATC. Thing is, when I looked around, the first thing that struck me was the difference in layout of the airport. KDCA has only 3 runways, but I only see 1 runway.

Then an aircraft spawned at KDCA, according to my radar. I looked around, and the aircraft is nowhere to be seen. After looking closely, I realised that although I’m controlling KDCA, I’m actually located 10 nm away, and my guess is I’m actually at KCGS.

Note the difference in layout of the airports, and the second picture shows the actual position of KDCA from where I am, and the Delta plane that spawned at KDCA.

Does anyone have the same issue? If yes, I guess this is quite an amusing bug to look at.




Some fellow IFATC have had issues with terrain/tower cam at KDCA.

Are you by chance on an Apple device? We are thinking it may be a device issue, but not quite positive on that…as I’ve controlled KDCA a good amount over the past week (as recently as a couple hours ago) but haven’t had any issues. I’m on a Samsung Pro 12.2 tablet. The controllers that have had issues up to this point are all on a Apple device.


It’s not really an bug, but rather the cam for ATC is placed at the wrong location. IF works fine otherwise. And yes, its an iPhone, although I doubt this have got to do with device.

Naturally wondering why it works fine for me but not for others…sent ya a message, Chris. I’m not an airport editor so the technical side of my brain is curious.

The Airport team has checked this out and it isn’t an issue with the airport - it is most likely a bug. Nothing we can do. The devs will have to check it out but they have more important things to focus on at the moment.


Its not an airport issue on our side. Please avoid spreading incorrect info. kthnxbai


This is not an issue with DCA’s Airport file.

Also if you log into this and try it a few times you end up at 2 different airports. KCGS ( the one shown in the first post) and KVKX


I tried it last night and it spawned me at KCGS.


Yes. You’re one of the IFATC I was referring to :)


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