KDCA 19 Approach

Naturally your next challenge has to be the much rarer but even more difficult Anacostia visual, which is beautifully drawn here by my thumb


@AdamCallow I have a new challenge for you ^^

@Potato-Internet next time, try a straight in and make sure you send a screenshot to @ToasterStroodie


Is this ever flown by commercial jets? It seems a little crazy and I’ve never seen it used

I still have the replay!

That’s something to ask Toaster, and he’s already been tagged so he’ll get here eventually

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Believe it or not, yes. A Republic E170 from LGA took a shot at it a few months back; they went around, but they made an attempt out of it. It looked to be too high.

But for the most part it’s almost never done, bar a few small GA aircraft (usually props) due to how extreme it is. There’s no chart, no altitudes, no fixes. Plus that 90 degree bank that brings you over the runway. Purely visual.

If you ever see a bigger plane track down the Anacostia for an arrival it’s most likely going to 22, where it’s way easier. We have a few of those every once in a while when it’s quiet enough to shortcut them down the Anacostia via KRANT than fly the offset downwind along 15/33, or the River Visual Circle to 22.

Here’s a video of a plane doing said Anacostia Visual. Super super cool.


In Infinite Flight at least, it’s actually a bit easier than you’d think, lol. Enter a very slight right bank as your plane hits the 14th St. Bridge, and as you’re crossing the Arland D. Williams Jr. Memorial Bridge, bank it all the way right. If you look like you’re a bit to the right of centerline and undershooting, then you’re doing it right. Your plane will align itself with centerline as you level out for that short final about 200ft above.

If your aligned with the middle and still turning, then you’ve overshot it. The perspective is a bit weird for this approach, at least in the sim. To line up you have to undershoot a bit.

You can use the RNP for vertical guidance if needed, and lateral too if you can’t see the River. The descent is otherwise a standard -3.00 glidepath. 3000ft at FERGI and down you go. You can use the 15 PAPI lights as a makeshift reference until you see the 19 PAPI lights. The DCA VOR is also great for DME references in regards to your altitude. (Every 10nm is 3000ft AAL so do the math based on what DME ARC you’re on).

Anyway that’s my spiel.



It seems like I should try it again soon 🤷‍♂️🤞

Yep, that’s what I learned when I would do the Juneau approach as well. If it looks like you’re under shooting it, you’re doing it right.

Just did it in MFS 2020 in the A320neo. Absolutely amazing!!!

Just one question, why is there no straight in approach for KDCA? i mean there is no terrain near by i guess?

To protect the importance of the people and the landmarks at the National Mall

No fly zone over the White House/capitol hill areas north of KDCA.

Oh i see, thanks!

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We do have straight ins. The ILS/LOC 1, RNP 1, CVFP MTV 1, RNAV 33, and RNAV 15 are all straight ins. It’s just 19 doesn’t have any because of prohibited airspace, like others mentions.

And if you do fly a straight in to 19, and I see it, you’re gonna wish you could rechoose your life decisions.


I was flying into KDCA on the visual 19 and there was another aircraft coming straight in. In my head im like “why the heck did the controller let them do that?” But….not my monkeys not my circus

Since real life procedures dont actually apply in IF, i think i can and probably will fly a straight in to 19 at some point or the other 😝😂😂

Thanks for the information btw!

I just tried it yesterday in the fog. It was super fun!


i have done it aswell, but in clear conditions, not fog. also welcome back to the IFC after 5 months!

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