KDC10 Tanker problem

Hi there.
Just a couple of minutes ago I pushed back with a KDC10. When I pushed “stop pushback” the ac stopt but made a wheelie right after it! It is the 3th time this happend. Now it was on EHAM, but i had i before on KLAX and EGLL. All on TS.

All 3 times I was unable to stop it.


Hmmmm this is the MD11/DC10 pushback glitch

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I have also experienced this. Maybe it is a weight problem.

this glitch has been known for a while. i’m sure it’s getting fixed soon

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Oh hahaha. Not the first 1 then 😂


weight problem nothing’s wrong with the scenery

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Already cleared it this afternoon

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OK I have not heard that this is a legit glitch.

yup has happened to me multiple times im looking for the thread now

Weight problem? Explain this pls

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I just mean that maybe if it is lightly loaded, it can make the plane a little crazy and off-balanced, but I think that your problem is just because of a glitch.

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The DC10 has a center of gravity in the rear Try to add more Cargo to the Front compared to the back hold.

According to the last thread

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Yeah I know. But I was not able to stop it not even with the brakes. And it didnt happend when i tried to taxi, but throttle on idle and right after i pushed Stop Pushback.

I will try to reproduce. Can you reproduce it and put your load in the bottom bar so we can see.

Also you may want to NOT pushback off the taxiway…


Dont have the load anymore how it was.

I did not pushbacked from the taxiway! I pushed back from parking with clearance of Ground. I made a 90° turn how i should do. When i pushed the button “stop pushback” it started make a wheelie right away! Without pushing another button and with the throttle on Idle!

My question was pointing out that you were in the grass in your picture above.

Yeah I was because i was not able to stop the plane! Not with brakes, nothing! So it started driving on his backwheels without a possibility to steer or manouvre it.

I had to leave the server to let the plane dissapear

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Send a picture of your Weight settings ,Also u are very heavy as seen in both photos you have 100% fuel

This has been a thing for a while… I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it yet. I encountered it about a week or 2 aftee these planes were released.
From my experience, when you press “Stop Pushback”, the plane lifts up onto it’s back and wheels and then starts to move forward. That’s how you ended up in the grass, right?