KDAL Taxiway problem

Is that normal? That’s dallas love field. Please fix! @ewanfleming

Hey! It looks like this airport was not yet reworked

That’s what it is in google maps:

Editors put the markings down as they are shown from satellite imagery. If they aren’t there in real life then you want see them in the respective location you’ve provided in the screenshot.

@Artem_F double check with @ewanfleming as I believe it was recently updated to the latest standards :)

@D-MELC you could clear cache and see if it changes anything. Ensure you are on the latest update available for Infinite Flight as well.

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Airport was reworked 2 months ago, I will check whether you need to clear cache or it is actually like this

IF even reinstalled because cache learning has brought nothing!

I don’t believe the picture provided above from Artem is that exact spot. The parking area doesn’t match up.

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Which build are you on again?

The picture Artem posted has a Runway on the left which the OP’s pic doesn’t have… if that’s worth considering.

That runway is no longer in use @Captain_JR :)

Im still looking into this.

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Here we go, it is like this in the github directory so I am sure that it’s not him, it’s what it is @Levet
image image

It is;D

Screenshot_20181006-232459 This taxiway was recently renewed! Can it be when it was renewed and the taxi strips were not there that it was transferred in the moment in IF!Screenshot_20181006-232706

This is quite possible. We will discuss this with the managing team in airport editing and see what we can do.

Thanks for the screenshots and report.