KDAA - a good practice airport

If you are looking for a convenient airport to practice takeoffs, landings, and the new navigation and APPR procedures, consider KDAA (Davison AAF), which has a 5600’ asphalt runway that can handle any IF aircraft. Infinite Flight will spawn you right at either the 14 or 32 end, so no taxiing required to get in the air quickly. Just set your flaps and take off. Once airborne, you can quickly set a short flight plan to Dulles, National, Andrews AFB, or nearby BWI to practice your navigation and landings.


So you’re saying it’s a good airport to do patterns around the area!

Thanks! I’ve kinda been looking for these types of airports where you can do short flights.

Another airport, if you don’t want to do pattern work, go to KNFL and KFLX. The flights are under 2 minutes, so it’s shorter than a normal pattern anyway.

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I used to use CZBB to CYVR to practice live cockpit, but then they got rid of verical guidance for GPS approaches.

I prefer KEDW (Edwards AFB) due to the 38,000 foot runway, large quantity’s of runways, and close proximity to the LA area, but Davison is nice as well!

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