KCMH still Port Columbus?

Just curious as to why KCMH is still, “Port Columbus.” It could be easy to change the name and it couldn’t be—I am being as genuine as I can with just typing. Though, I did just look it up and it looks like the Ohio State Legislature passed on May 25, 2016 which would change Port Columbus to John Glenn International. Especially for his service to this country, I feel it is time to update for respect of the late veteran, senator, and ground-breaking astronaut. Thanks for letting me express.


The airport was probably still named that way from the global release. It will be updated next time an airport editor edits it.


Am I assuming the editors aren’t in community or is there a possibility that this might be passed on?

They are members of the community. They just may he busy with other airports. They will see it and make a correction if they can.

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Okay, sounds good. Thanks for such a quick response. Also, just a great grandson of a grandfather who fought during the Battle of Iwo Jima in the Marines. Thanks, again!

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This airport has been updated and will be pushed with the next release of updated airports.