KCLTs overlook

Didn’t know that Charlotte -Douglas is pretty much the only airport where you can park your car and watch planes for free and get a good view of planes

In Jedda, Saudi Arabia, if You had the ability to take the Appropriate Permissions, you can enter the Airport (in the taxiways) and take pics, but you canto go anywhere inside the airport.and I am not sure if this still active

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hmm i never been outside of the US but I know middle eastern airports are huge

In Panama, only authorized spotters can access the ramps of the terminal to take pictures of the planes, even you can park your car and see the planes. At Tocumen, Albrook “Marcos Gelabert”, Enrique Malek airports the spotters are allowed to do that as well in other little airfields.

In MCO, you can’t do anything special. If you do, airport security will take your pictures and maybe you.


Lol that would be bad.


Same for WSSS

You do something weird and then when they come to interrogate you but you don’t cooperate with them, they list you as if you’re a criminal ._.

Yes. Very very bad. And I’m not kidding.


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