KCLT Runways 18C/36C And 18R/36L Issue

Runways 18C/36C and 18R/36L at KCLT are concrete in real life. In the game, they are asphalt(Although, they used to be concrete in the game until recently). I fly through this airport quite a bit and happened to notice this as I was flying in the simulator earlier. Is this a hard fix or an issue that can be resolved fairly easily?

How is that an issue?

In real life they are concrete, in the simulator, they are asphalt.

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Exactly, thank you

Is it really that big of a difference?

What would people say if SFO’s Runways were Concrete?

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I don’t see how it can affect a flight

Fair enough

People like to fly through airports that are somewhat realistic like me. I don’t think this to picky for we are talking about the most important part of an airport, the runways

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Yeah but I can’t think of a way you could even notice the difference…

You have a point, but so do I. That’s why I posted about this.👍🏻

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It’s a real issue for us.

And is it really that hard to fix?

It’s a easy fix. I’m sure an editor can do it by click 4 buttons. I dint have time rn though sorry.

I guess I will just have to wait until the next update👎🏻

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Question 2 is why would an editor change it to asphalt in the first place?

Because we’re human, mistakes happen too :)

I’ll get someone to look at this.

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I’ll do it :)

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