KCLT Runway Surface Fix

So last August, I had pointed out that 2 Runways at KCLT were the wrong type surface. An airport editor/creator showed me it was fixed and that it would be in the next update… Has this kind of thing not been updated since then? If not, is Global where this will be fixed?


Yes, if an airport editor fixed the type of runway - then it should be fixed in global

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It will be fixed in global when everything is streamed. :)

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As they said above, most of the airport fixes are to be done in global. ;)

Haha 😜 Beat you to it…😁

JK, Have a nice day!


How come is hasn’t been updated since last August out of curiosity. We have had a couple updates since then. Have they just not included this sort of thing? And thanks for letting me know!

Airport Editor work is periodically published, with or without an update from your App Store. This time around will be with the next major update purely because much of the work is on airports around the globe, to include some of our current ones now. Thanks!