KCLT Flights

I wish Charlotte-Douglas had more variety besides a319,320s and 321s I’d like to see some 763s and 773ER and more airlines flying into it

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Then you probably wish you lived around JFK, up North in New York. We get many aircraft of all types. The ones I haven’t seen here are the AN-124 and the AN-225. We get many A380s daily, and a whole lotta JetBlue.


Charlotte is a weird airport. I think it serves as a gateway to the Caribbean mainly while the other Southern hub, Miami, handles more long haul flights


767-300ERs have the potential to fly to CLT since American operates them, but the likelihood of one ever showing up has been very low and as more are retired, the likelihood won’t improve. However that doesn’r mean it’s impossible.

Honestly, I’m sorry but I can’t see an airline flying 763s in. Unless UA/DL sees the demand for hub to CLT flights or if AA shifts more 763s to domestic use, I can’t see a pax configured 763 flying in. Freighter, sure I would expect that.

The 767-200ER last flew out of there recently, if that’s any consolation. 767-200F are likely to keep returning.

Regarding the 77W, I’m not sure if the demand is there but those aircraft have many more years ahead of them so there’s always a chance.

Miami is a massive connecting point to Caribbean/South America, not as much long haul. Note the former Eastern Airlines Caribbean network that now belongs to AA.


Sure it is…a vacation center for tourists and for the Americans to, believe me, most of the flights that depart from the tocumen airport here in Panama, are to Miami…most of those flights are handled by Copa, the rest by AA or American Eagle. Copa serves Miami since the 70s

My home airport was CLT for a year. You saw a LOT of US Airways A330s and Embraers. AA had no real strong presence at the airport until they took over US Airways. However CLT is a moderate hub for TATL flights, since you have AA and LH operating to a handful of destinations. And let’s not forget US Domestic. They had a strong Domestic hub with US and now with AA as well. Delta also has a couple flights to some destinations with their Mad Dogs and 737s (occasionally you may see an A320)

Yeah it’s Americans second biggest hub but we don’t have anything in Charlotte really other than people flying in for business trips not really a vaction spot

One of the popular flights is from KATL-KCLT usually by a md-88

haha…go spotting at JFK and expect to see lots of jetBlue Airways!

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I wish they flew the a320 to KCLT from Boston and New York instead of the erj-190

And instead of a CRJ200 from EWR, they can replace them with a more modern aircraft

When KCLT does international flights to Asia is when the 777-300 will come there

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