KCLE BRWNZ3 Arrival (Football fans might get a laugh out of this)

It’s not unheard of that SIDs or STARs’ waypoints are named after famous people or events, (ie. FRDMM5 Arrival), but this one I found interesting. NFL fans, particularly Browns fans, might recognize some names here:
This arrival has many references to the Cleveland Browns.

The funniest part about this I think is that you’d expect that the STAR would reference good players or players with history. However, this STAR uses waypoints like “MCKOY” and “WEEDN” and “COWCH” (which reference Colt McCoy, Brandon Weeden, and Tim Couch).

To be frank, these players were/are hot garbage.

Just thought I’d point this out because it gave me a good laugh.


Interesting that they would add Weedens name as a waypoint considering they get a new QB every year


There should be a set of waypoints saying 0-16


Wait. Cleveland exists. Wack.


After a little research I figured out that these waypoints are all references to previous Browns draft picks. Its funny because you’d think the city of Cleveland wouldn’t want to remember some of these names (MNZEL and COWCH particularly, as they are considered some of the biggest draft busts in NFL history).


I would link the funniest waypoints thread but the browns are just too sad of a franchise to be mentioned in a much more popular setting. isolate them here.


I do not do the sport anymore. Therefore I don’t understand most of the waypoints here. But I did think CHUUB was funny.

Never celebrate your draft picks early. They’ll then proceed to flop and then your city will be left with an entire STAR named after busts.


😂 lol there all terrible, nick chubb isn’t bad tho


Stockholm airport code is ESSA and my name is Essa i was surprised when i knew that.
It’s an arabic name so not a lot of people would notice that.

Yeah I actually cannot believe that Weeden is on there 😂😂

Glad to see Manziel included though, really shows how the designers were putting the cream of the crop of Browns players in this STAR


Surprised that’s not in Detroit already, lol

Definitely surprised about weeden. Maybe they put Mayfield in next? Lol

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Mayfield isn’t a draft bust. He’s doing far better than the past… 10?

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Or however many wasted quarterbacks they put in there.
I don’t see a Johnny football waypoint, should rename WINNZ and I think that should do the trick


There is one: MNZEL between HASTE and KWYNN

Oh no, i thought it was the real football

I think you got it all wrong 😂. It’s soccer that is the real football ⚽️

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Why would they get a STAR? They honestly don’t deserve it 😂

This is really interesting though.


Talking about funny intersection names, here’s one I found shooting the the RNAV approach into PSM… let’s see if anyone can get it…

I don’t really follow football, but this is cool