KCID: The Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids)

The Eastern Iowa airport is a small airport with 8 gates located in Cedar Rapids, IA. The airport is served by Frontier, Allegiant, United, United Express, Delta, Delta Connection, and American Eagle. The airports consists of 2 runways and serves around 1 million passengers a year. The airport is also home to lots of GA traffic, as well as cargo traffic. However I don’t know as much about that. (I’m writing this with facts off of the top of my head 😂) If anyone else would like to talk about my lovely local airport, I would like to hear if anyone has ever traveled through CID IMG_1317|375x500IMG_1316


Every global airport is coming, so you do not have to worry about KCID not coming😉

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And this should also go under #real-world-aviation:spotting

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Really? I read a thing somewhere that showed all of the specific airport that would be included in global, and it said CID would not be coming. Very excited then!!

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Not much spotting to do at CID😂, but maybe you mean those pictures. Those were just for reference.

Has two runways
9/27 2622 metres
13/31 1890 metres

Airport is 870 feet above Sea Level, so nice and thick air.

Your airport does get cargo jets here and there, thats it.

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I’ve seen some UPS 757’s around. especially see them fly over my house at night.

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Some other low quality iPhone shots 😂


Huh, was that Sun Country flight a charter flight?

Might have been the Minnesota Gophers in town to play the Iowa Hawkeyes #GoHawks!

Mainline jets:
Frontier: A319, A320
Allegiant: A319, A320
United: A319, A320 (rare), B737
Delta: B717

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I know for a fact that Sun Country is not a mainline jet or Airline there

#GoHawks for sure! Glad we beat Wyoming. Maybe the Hawkeyes should buy their own 737 😏

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Let’s not go off topic here lol, we can maybe discuss this in PM

Was going to point that out, you are correct about Sun Country not being an airline at CID. Found on the actual website: flycid.com

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lol I was pretty sure, though that would be cool if they started flying there.

Hope to see more people join the topic, very interested to see if anyone has flown in, and has something to share about the airport!

I find it a little strange that the gates aren’t listed as the little yellow planes when I look at the CID airport chart on LiveFlight. Almost all the other global airports show the gates, even ones in Antarctica! IMG_1752IMG_1751

Because the airport has not been edited yet

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No more love for CID? Lol, guess the city of Cedar Rapids is pretty unpopular. I suspect this thread will close December 10th…

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